Fun facts

…preserving beauty

The Podere le Pozze was a typical rural Tuscan farmstead, in all its austerity and appeal. The ground floor hosted the stalls and the top floor hosted the large family of farmers.
As a result of the mastery of the local artisans, the building was completely restructured, leaving the original structure untarnished with its exceptional stone walls, and creating the living area and kitchen area on the ground floor, again maintaining the original red brick structural arches; the top floor was dedicated to the sleeping area and reading rooms.

There are two more buildings next to the main house: originally, these were the tobacco barn and the pig shed; today they are respectively the custodian’s home and another small house.

We perform our accommodation, agricultural, and livestock activity in search of an increased use of green energy sources.
We have a functioning PV system for our electrical energy production, and by the end of 2017 a heating system fed by wood and pellets, as well as a solar water heating system, will also be in operation.
We have also created an artificial lake for rainwater collection, which we use for plant watering, and where beautiful carps happily reproduce.