Our produce

Sun, land, and dedication

Our wine

Firmly convinced of the fact that wine must faithfully reflect its place of origin, we have planted exclusively native varieties: Foglia Tonda, Sangiovese Grosso, Canaiolo, and Colorino.

Our wine-making process is performed with extreme care in interfering the least possible with the natural evolution of the wine, certain that this philosophy reflects in it all the elements maturing in the vineyard: perfumes, flavors, uniqueness.

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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil


olioOlive oil, the keystone of the so-called “Mediterranean diet”, is a precious food both for the health benefits it has on our body and for its organoleptic properties.

Virgin and extra virgin olive oil are unquestionably genuine products, obtained by simple pressing of olives through mechanical and physical processes, with no additives whatsoever. In fact, once the olives are cleansed and washed, they are ground into paste from which 60-70% of the total oil is produced; this oil is virgin oil, with a degree of acidity (in terms of oleic acid) no higher than 4%. The king among virgin oils is extra virgin oil with a degree of acidity no higher than 1%, making it the best possible olive oil, adding especially fine organoleptic properties to its high genuineness.

Our cultivars: Correggiolo, Frantoio, Leccino, and Moraiolo.