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The residence is framed by 32 hectares of entirely fenced land, in order to offer our guests complete and exclusive privacy.

You may take a walk around the 18 hectares of oak forest, simply breathing the scents of nature, or picking the fruits that the undergrowth brings to you:  mushrooms, asparagus, and wild strawberries.

You may complete your walk around the property by visiting the 4 hectares of olive grove and 3 hectares of vineyard, where you can see and touch where our products are born with your very hands.

Finally, the outside barbecue area, the beautiful pool and its surrounding garden are completely and exclusively available to you.


The estate includes 6 bedrooms, as well as common areas such as: master living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and bathrooms.


The house overlooks a green valley and is surrounded by a 32-hectare property with wide green spaces, forests, olive groves, and vineyards.

The 32 hectares include an outdoor pool.

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Address: Via Viciniale Fonte del Leccio 106, 53048 – Sinalunga (Siena)

Coordinates: 43.192453, 11.725875

Phone: 335  607 4675

E-mail: info@poderelepozze.it